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1. The use by any person registered as a user (“User”) of the online services provided by The Hong Kong Jockey Club (the “Services”) is subject to the following terms and conditions of use. In using a particular Service or making a transaction, the User agrees to be subject to any posted terms of use and rules applicable to such service or transaction (which may be revised from time to time).

2. No person below the age of 18 is allowed to register as a User. Any person who forges his/her age or identity shall indemnify The Hong Kong Jockey Club (“the Club”) of all consequences. In registering as a User, the User shall, following the Club's guidelines (if any), devise a login name and online password, and choose login questions and set login answers (together the “User login”).

3A. Each User undertakes and ensures that he/she will not transmit, distribute or otherwise publish on or through the Club's web site anything containing a malware or such element which may affect the functionality of the Club's web site or any Service; intrude other User's privacy; or cause damage to, interfere with, or erode any data or system belonging to the Club, its subsidiaries or any third party.

3. Each User understands that betting services may be accessed and betting transactions can be made by use of the User login. The use of Services via such software application is governed by the Betting Facilities Rules of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Horse Race Betting Rules of HKJC Horse Race Betting Limited (“HKJCHRBL”), the Football Betting Rules of HKJC Football Betting Limited (“HKJCFBL”) and /or the Lotteries Rules of HKJC Lotteries Limited (“HKJCLL”) (collectively "Rules"), as the case may be. Copies of the Rules are provided for download on the Club's web site (, are available on request at the Club's Head Office at 1 Sports Road, Happy Valley, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Hong Kong”) and are also available for inspection on request at any betting location.

4. A User should keep strictly confidential all information and details in relation to his/her User login, including but not limited to the login name, online password, login questions and login answers.

5. Each User shall ensure that the User login information are private, unique and not generally known to any third party. Each User understands and accepts that the security level will be compromised if the User login is known to third parties.

6. In the event the User decides to terminate use of the User login, the User must forthwith notify the Club in writing. The User acknowledges and agrees that until the Club acknowledges receipt and acceptance of the said termination, all instructions given with the relevant User login and transactions conducted thereby shall be deemed binding on the User.

7. Upon notice or suspicion of any User login being disclosed to any unauthorised person or any unauthorised person being in possession of such User login for whatever reason, the User must immediately notify the Club through the hotline with confirmation in writing to the Club's Customer Care Department. Notwithstanding the foregoing and until after the Club has terminated or accepted termination of use of the User login, all transactions completed through the User login by any person, whether or not authorised by the User, shall be binding on the User.

8. Users should beware that there may be bogus sites attempting to pass off as the Club's, before submitting any personal particulars, including but not limited to the User login, the User must ensure that the relevant service is in fact provided by the Club and/or its subsidiaries. In case of any doubt, the User should immediately contact the Club and/or its subsidiaries to verify the authenticity of the service. The Club and its subsidiaries shall not be responsible for any consequences following the User accessing or providing any information to any fake or bogus service provider passing off as and/or claiming to be the Club and/or any of its subsidiaries and/or associated companies.

9. If it comes to the knowledge of the Club that a User has informed a third party of any information of his/her User login, the Club may, at its sole and absolute discretion, suspend or terminate the User login to such User.

10. Each user agrees that the Club and its subsidiaries shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, injury or any other form of compromise of any user’s interests, howsoever arising from or caused by the Service, whether related to any information on or facilities of this Service, including without limitation, any problem or technical malfunction, any damage to any user’s device, any failure, delays or interruptions in transmission, operation or communication; hacking, distortion or erosion of data or instructions; and any errors or omissions in or from the Service contents.

11. Each User using the Service shall indemnify and hold the Club, HKJCHRBL, HKJCFBL and HKJCLL harmless against all claims and damages (including all legal costs) which arise from the breach of any of these Terms and Conditions.

12. The Club may without giving any reason give notice to a User to terminate the provision or use of the User login or cancel his/her registration as a User.

13. The Club shall have the right to add to, delete, amend or vary any of these Terms and Conditions in its absolute discretion. Notice of any such additions, deletions, amendments or variations and the day upon which such shall become effective shall be deemed to have been duly given to each User if a notice thereof is posted on the Club’s website. Use of the Service or the making of any transaction on or after the date upon which any such addition, deletion, amendment or variation is expressed to take effect will be deemed to constitute acceptance thereof by the User without reservation.

14. The Services is intended and provided for use only in Hong Kong. Access to the Services is granted on the condition that the Account Holder will only access and use the Services in Hong Kong. Users are prohibited from using the Services when they are in restricted jurisdictions where using the Services is illegal. The Club and/or its subsidiaries reserve the right to review the correspondence address and other information provided by Users and request for further documentary proof at the time of the application for and/or during the term of the Service. The Club reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Services at any time if the User is unable to provide satisfactory proof that the User only uses the Services in Hong Kong. The Club and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any consequences arising from any use outside Hong Kong. The User using the website shall be solely responsible for all and any consequences arising from the use of the website within or outside Hong Kong by himself/herself, or a third party acting with or without his/her knowledge, consent or authority.

15. Each User confirms that he/she has read and understood the Privacy Policy Statement of The Hong Kong Jockey Club available on Each User authorises the Club to update his/her personal data according to the personal data provided in this form (except for name, date of birth and gender). Each User consents to the Club using the personal data provided in this form for the purposes stated in the Club's Privacy Policy Statement.

16. In the event of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese language versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English language version shall prevail.